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Unlock Your Business's Potential with Michael Diaz

After spending over $3,483,200 on Facebook ads, I've unlocked their secrets, boosting my business significantly.

Now, I want to share my insights and help others grow.

Let me guide you through Facebook ads management to scale your business affordably.


Whether you are an e-commerce business, brick and mortar store or a media buyer, our services can provide massive value to your business.

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Why Hire Me?

  • Dive into my proven strategies that ramped up ad spends from $1K to $40K daily, all while keeping profits high. It’s about making those numbers work for you.
  • Leverage the experience of my team. We’ve tackled it all – scaling budgets, ad testing, handling rejections, and fixing disabled accounts. We’re your troubleshooting experts.
  • Get a fresh take with our detailed Facebook ads audit, offering you custom-fit advice to boost your business. It’s like a tailored strategy for your ads.
  • Communication is our forte. Expect clear, regular updates. We’re your direct line to ad success.
  • Our team brings diverse industry insights to the table, ready to tackle any challenge in your niche.
  • Learn from a seasoned coach with a background in corporate software development and as a black belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor. I’m all about pushing you to excel.

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Get a FREE audit of your ad account and receive recommendations. Meet with me to discuss your business and determine if I would be a good fit to manage your Facebook Ads.


Here's a little more about me.

Kicking off my journey in the corporate world, I clocked in at giants like Apple, GE, and Citrix. The steady paycheck was nice, but deep down, I knew I was meant for something bigger. So, I spent countless weekends sharpening my skills, all with the dream of carving out my own path.

Today, I’m at the helm of a thriving affiliate marketing gig, steering through the waters of Facebook ads management and beyond. I’m on the lookout to expand my client base and help others scale their ventures too.

Beyond work, my life revolves around family, our five pets, and my hobbies as a Black Belt BJJ coach and musician, blending my passions with my profession.

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