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Zuckerberg’s pivot from VR 🎮 to AI 🤖

VR to AI

If you remember, Zuckerberg was losing billions of dollars per quarter on VR. He was getting ripped apart by Wall Street and he made the decision to pivot from VR to AI. As a result, I believe he is directing a significant amount of money and resources to AI which we can see with all the new AI features like:

  • Adv+ creative ‘enhancements’

  • AI in the search bar

  • ASC+ campaign updates (ad sets being split off from campaign, also ABO options now)

  • AI generated backgrounds for images

  • AI generated ad copy

  • Automated rules being auto generated to consolidate ad sets, apply adv+ enhancements (check your accounts)

  • Adv+ audience being forced on some ad accounts

It seems that more than ever Meta is pushing us to use these adv+ AI enhancements. See for yourself. Check this newer setting out in your ad accounts. Go to advertiser settings > advantage+ creative. There is a checkbox next to “Test new optimizations.” This may be on by default. I personally turned it off.

I feel like we are in a position where we are being pushed more and more train FB’s AI regardless of the results these ‘enhancements’ may bring. I am seeing more success right now across accounts with OG audience broad, interests, and lookalikes however ASC+ campaigns are working well for a few accounts. It’s hard to find a pattern right now. I am finding success with different strategies for each account. Overall I think these AI features will work very well in the future once they are well trained. What are your thoughts?

“AI will be our biggest investment area in 2024,” Zuckerberg told investors in October.

read: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2024-01-11/mark-zuckerberg-pivots-to-ai-from-metaverse-to-further-his-legacy?embedded-checkout=true

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